Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The Purple Tome


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The Saw Boss launches an attack on the Great Library of Hebron in order to obtain the legendary Mauve Manuscript; a book of spells compiled by the ancient Ashvar who relied heavily upon magic. In order to preserve their treasure, the librarians hide the book and then using a spell, shrink themselves in order to avoid the notice of the Monster Minds. They then contact Jayce in a dream, asking him to help. Jayce and the Lightening League rush to the rescue, but the Monster Minds are too numerous to counter. The librarians shrink everyone but Flora and proceed to sabotage the Monster Mind’s vehicles from the inside. The team is victorious, but only two inches high. Flora comes to the rescue using a spell from the Mauve Manuscript to return everyone to their normal size.

Historical note: There really IS a “Purple Tome” but it isn’t a book of spells, it’s a copy of the four Gospels found in the New Testament of the Bible translated from Greek by Ulfilas the “apostle to the Goths". Known as the "Codex Argenteus” it is also called the “Purple Codex” or "Silver Codex" and was written in Latin in silver and gold ink on pages dyed purple around 500AD by an unknown author.



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