Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Critical Mass


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 Season:  Season 1
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The team is following a signal that will lead straight to where Audric has been hiding out. Everyone but Herc goes to bed hopeful and happy. The money-loving Herc decides to take a detour on an asteroid to search for buried treasure. Jayce drags him back to the ship and they resume their journey. Herc decides to speed things up by using the hyper drive, but it won’t function. Instead it sets off a chain reaction within the ship’s other systems, causing the whole craft to go haywire. Gillian suggests the unlikely method of creating a black hole to close the distance but Flora senses life in the surrounding area. There is one human trapped deep within one of the asteroids. The team rescues him with barely a moment to spare before the galaxy collapses, speeding them on their way towards their next quest.



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