Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Future of the Future


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 Season:  Season 1
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Gillian takes Jayce to point in outer space where all time meets in a sort of nexus. They hope to find Audric by looking (LOOKING, not GOING) into the future to see how they eventually find Audric. (Head explody, anyone?) Jayce is given a test to see if he is sufficiently brave and good before he is allowed to see the future. Jayce passes the test and he and Gilliam look into the future only to discover that Audric will be captured by Monster Minds who will teleport in, grab Audric, and teleport out again. Upon returning to their ship, Gillian and Jayce discover that the Monster Minds are attacking. Jayce uses the Ring of Light to burn the Monster Minds and overload their vehicle’s systems. In doing this, Jayce discovers a way to keep the Master Minds at bay: a ray of intensely bright light.



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