Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Steel Against Shadow


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Gillian the wizard relates the tale of the Helmet of Valroth- an ancient piece of living armor that were once used to fight wars in place of humans. The armor, however, proved too dangerous to continue to use and so all but one helmet was melted into slag. Thinking this might be useful in battling the Monster Minds, the Lightening League uncovers the helmet on a remote planet and take it with them back to the ship. Only Oon feels that this is a bad idea. Jayce tries on the helmet and discovers that the it truly does have a mind of its own. The helmet attempts to control Jayce’s mind and body. Jayce is saved from enslavement by calling upon the power of his Ring of Light. The group decides that a weapon such as the mask is best left undisturbed and so they bury it beneath the mountain where they found it.



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