Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Escape from the Garden


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 Season:  Season 1
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The acclaimed scientist Audric attempts to create a plant that can grow in any terrain and produce food, thus ending intergalactic hunger. However, the plant mutates into a creature that calls himself Saw Boss who is able to manipulate the remaining pieces of plant that have mutated into creatures called Master Minds who proceed to spread all over the planet, draining it of it’s water, minerals, and other natural resources. Audric, in a desperate attempt to stop the plant monsters he has created, develops a Root that will be able to counter Saw Boss and his Master Minds. However, the Master Minds consume the planet before Audric can administer the Root. Taking one half of the Root himself, Audric flees the planet and sends his Eternal Squire Oon with the other half of the root to find his son Jayce. Once the two halves of the root are combined, Audric and Jayce will be able to stop Saw Boss and the Master Minds. Jayce sets off on a quest to find his father along with Oon, Herc Stormsailor the ship’s pilot, Gillian the wizard, his adopted little sister Flora the Flower Child (no, seriously she’s a human plant), and her pet flying fish Brock.



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