The Mouse-a-Lisa


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 Season:  Season 1
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Late one night, Anatole sees bakers in a bakery truck leaving the famous Louvre carrying baguettes of bread, which contain famous painting they have just stolen.

The next day, Claudette is about to enter her painting in the Children’s Art Show at the village museum. Children laugh at her colourful abstract painting and she steals her own painting to prevent others from mocking it.

Anatole gathers the village mice and they eat their way across the bakeries of Paris to find the baguettes with the paintings. When Anatole find it, he asks Claudette to paint a Mona Lisa copy that he wants to use to draw the police’s attention to the bakery. Her successful copy restores her confidence in herself and helps capture the thieves. She returns her “stolen” painting to the Children’s museum and while she does not win first prize, receives a commendation for originality.



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