My Favourite Mouse


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 Season:  Season 2
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On the anniversary of Anatole's hiring at Duval's cheese factory, his old friend Moliere the mole drops by with a special surprise gift - he’s dug an underground tunnel from Anatole's backyard all the way to Duval's! As a result, Gaston feels that his gift of a backscratcher is not good enough, and he worries about who Anatole's ‘best friend' really is. When Gaston, Anatole, and Moliere try out the tunnel and end up trapped inside Duval's cold storage room, Gaston’s rivalry with Moliere comes to a head. A similar dispute is going on at home, as Claude and Claudette feel that Paul and Paulette are really their parents' favorites. Only after a ‘chilling' escape from the cooler by Anatole and his two pals, and a heart-to-heart with the kids, does everyone learn that true friends and loved ones care for each other equally, without playing favorites.



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