Long Long Night


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 Season:  Season 2
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Doucette is taking the children on an overnight camping trip into the woods to teach them more about nature and she insists that Anatole, whoís had a hard week at work, take a much deserved night off at home! Anatole knows that Doucette is perfectly capable and well prepared for the adventure... but when Gaston begins badgering him with "old miceís tales" of unexplained "monsters" in the woods, Anatole finds that he canít stop himself from worrying. He resolves to go out to the woods, check up on Doucette and the kids, and then turn around and come home undetected! Though they are well prepared for the journey, Gastonís unbridled paranoia results first in the loss of their supplies, then lands them in one disastrous situation after another, and soon Anatole and Gaston find themselves soaking wet, hungry and lost in the woods. Doucette and the children, armed not only with the proper supplies but with knowledge of their surroundings, enjoy a cozy campfire and the experience of being one with nature. Anatole and Gaston finally make their way to safety and when Doucette and the children return home, they find the exhausted pair sleeping soundly on the kitchen table. The entire family understands the value of always being prepared.



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