Truffle Treasure


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 Season:  Season 2
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It is Anatole and Doucette's anniversary. Anatole decides to surprise her by recreating the dinner they had when he proposed marriage, Fromage de Provence with Truffles! Anatole and Gaston make the journey to Truffle Valley, shovels in hand, to find a suitable Truffle. While digging at the base of a tree, the pair falls into a deep pit! There is no way out and they realize that they have told no one where they were going. When Anatole does not come home Doucette begins to worry. She convinces Pamplemousse to form a search party, only to find out that his methods are very different from her own! Meanwhile, in the pit, a snake has found our two mice! They cannot stave it off indefinitely. Doucette finds Anatole's recipe book and deduces where the two must have gone. Unable to convince the Mayor to search Truffle Valley, she heads out on her own. In the hair-raising climax, Doucette's ingenuity and Anatole's strength save the day! Anatole promises, in the future, to always tell others where he is going.



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