Phantom of the Cheese


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 Season:  Season 1
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At Mr. Duval's request, Anatole must deliver a gift of cheese to the celebrated opera singer, Madame Leblanc. Gaston must overcome his terrible fear of the Phantom of the Opera to help Anatole deliver the cheese. When they reach the Opera House, Gaston's worst fears are realized! Someone has stolen their cheese and all fingers point to a mysterious Phantom figure. . .Anatole and Gaston give chase, only to find out that the mouse sized Phantom is really a young singer named Rene! Rene turns out to have the same problem as Anatole's daughter, Paulette. They are both afraid to sing in public. Rene is put to the test when she must sing in front of human security guard, giving Anatole and Gaston a chance to rescue the cheese! In this action packed episode, both Rene and Paulette learn to accept intermittent failures on the road to success.



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