Anatole and the New Cat


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 Season:  Season 2
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A new and very greedy family of mice has moved into Duvalís factory and, despite Anatoleís warnings that Duval will notice the large portions of missing cheese, they continue to take more cheese than they could ever eat! Anatoleís prediction comes true when Duval sees that Charlemagne can no longer handle the mouse problem in the factory and hires a new heavy - the terrifying Nostromo! Nostromo bullies everyone in the factory, including Charlemagne. When Anatole cannot even get into the factory to perform his cheese tasting duties, he realizes that unless they can get rid of the new cat, not only will the new family lose their home but Duvalís will be in dire trouble! Anatole convinces a disgraced Charlemagne - who happens to be something of a card shark - to challenge the competitive Nostromo to a game of "fish" and uses the distraction to build a "cat trap" that will get rid of Nostromo for good! The new mice learn that it is wrong to take more than you need.



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