Over the Sea


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 Season:  Season 2
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There is to be a big reception at the docks to celebrate Duvalís first shipment of cheese to America. Anatole is doing a last check on the shipment when Charlemagne attacks. In the confusion, Gaston is accidentally crated up with the cheese and it looks like he is bound for New York City!

At home, Paul and Paulette donít want to go to the reception with the rest of the family - they would rather go to a party with their friends. However, after remembering all the times that their father came through for them and cheered on their accomplishments, they decide to go to the docks after all, to applaud Duvalís cheese shipment ... and their fatherís work. They have realized how important it is to take pride in the achievements of others.

Meanwhile, Anatole has scrambled aboard the ship to free Gaston from his crate and they manage to escape the ship and Charlemagneís clutches just in the nick of time, before the ship leaves the dock!



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