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Evil Con Carne

Gutless/Day of the Dreadbots/League of Destruction


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 Season:  Season 1
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Evil's "stomach" gets ill one morning, forcing Boscov and Hector to stay in bed. However, when a world domination oppurtuntity comes up, Stomach is removed and they head out to Great Britian in a large blimp. Their plot to hit buckingham palace is thwarted, however, when he realizes he wants stomach there. They return to find Stomach in pretty bad condition. With a little bit of back patting from Boscov, though, the excess gas is released from Stomach and he returns to normal. Until Dr. Ghastly lights a match...

Day of the Dreadbots

Hector gets fed up with his army and dismisses them. He then asks Dr. Ghastly to build him a robot army. Scar reprograms them to be loyal to him and creates a robot version of himself as the second in command. They manage to capture the others and through them in the dungeon before the skarr-bot decides to mutiny and replace scar.

League of Destruction

Hector decides that all the Evil geniuses in the world are keeping each other from taking over the world so he decides to unite them all. Capt Cod Commando puts together a team to stop the league; meanwhile a battle ensues within the league over who will be leader. Cod Commando arrives only to find them sprawled out every where having beaten each other up already.



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