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 Season:  Season 2
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Dilbert is in charge of a new voting system project for the government. He creates an Internet Voting Network allowing people to vote from their own computer at election time. He expects it to produce the highest voter turnout ever. Dilmom is upset with this because without it, senior citizens were the only people who took the time to vote. Now elections might actually be fair. Dilbert also gets harassed by various lobbyists who want him to manipulate election results in their favor. He considers rigging the next election so that he can hook up with an attractive tobacco lobbyist named Ashley. Dilbert reverts to the influence from an ethics class The Boss makes the gang sit through. He doesn't influence the vote. A fake candidate, Hairyass McGee, is elected because only kids know how to work the network. The senior citizens can't figure it out, and end up not voting at all.



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