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 Season:  Season 2
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Dogbert writes a book claiming pepper is a miracle herb that cures Chronic Cubicle Syndrome. Dilbert witnesses Dogbert making the entire thing up and is appalled when people start falling for his claims. Dogbert pushes his book on a talk show and the Boss decides to use Chronic Cubicle Syndrome as their next market opportunity. Dilbert is in charge of developing a product to combat CCS. He reluctantly helps manipulate research to prove CCS exists. Meanwhile, Dogbert is busy creating a Pepper Diet. Dilbert comes up with Shockpants to relieve the syndrome. The guys from Marketing decide to sell the pants as business wear instead of a cure for CCS. The pants become a hit and the Boss has a great time shocking his employees with his control panel. The pants start killing people and everyone blames Dilbert. He saves his job by suggesting they change the name to Shop Pants. The wattage is lowered and women are encouraged to shock their husbands while shopping so they can buy everything they want. The idea saves Dilbert's job.



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