Company Picnic


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 Season:  Season 2
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Camryn Manheim guest stars as Juliet ..It's company picnic time again and the engineering department is desperate to beat marketing in the annual softball game. The Boss introduces the Crapulets team from engineering to the Company Hall of Fame hoping to end their losing streak against the MarketGurus. Practice is awful and Dogbert becomes the team's new coach. With Dilbert pitching, the team might have a chance. Dilbert's personal incentive comes from a new girl in marketing, Juliet. She and Dilbert flirt with romance while the guys from marketing discourage it in Romeo and Juliet fashion. The boss accidentally poisons the MarketGurus with discount wieners he brought for the picnic. Dilbert eats one to be with his love, only to find out she hasn't eaten any. Dilbert gets his stomach pumped while the marketing guys brainwash Juliet to keep her away from Dilbert and the rest of those engineers.



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