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 Season:  Season 2
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Dilbert makes a small model rocket to find other traces of life in space. When Ratbert accidentally pushes a button, it launches the rocket, which then detects alien life and takes samples. As it comes back to earth, it crashes into the unfertilized eggs of a surrogate hillbilly woman (for a dying billionaire), a cow and a sperm bank, stocked with engineers' sperm. The rocket then crashes into Dilbert's house and into his buttocks. When Dilbert is in the hospital, the doctors discover he is pregnant, but Dilmom and Dogbert keep the news from Dilbert, who is oblivious to the changes going on with his body. Dilbert starts to become more feminine - he carries a purse, styles his hair and pays attention to his wardrobe. When he tells Catbert he has been feeling different, Catbert says he thinks Dilbert has become a woman. Finally, Dilmom and Dogbert tell Dilbert he is pregnant. Dilbert decides to go see a doctor at the new HMO location, the Fusilli Café since his health plan coverage has been reduced. The doctor does an ultrasound and faints when he sees the picture. When Dilbert sees the picture, he's equally horrified.



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