The Virtual Employee


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 Season:  Season 2
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Dilbert addresses the problem of his overflowing cubicle, but discovers there is nowhere in the office to trash the obsolete equipment he and his coworkers have acquired. They decide to venture through the building to find an unused cubicle to stash their trash. However, when they find it they are so overjoyed that Loud Howard inadvertently lets out the secret to nearby workers who wonder what the fuss is about. Dilbert's gang save their storage space by inventing Todd, a new employee who will occupy the cube. They do work for Todd to keep the cover and he gets promoted while Wally gets fired. They agree the cube isn't worth the change Todd has brought to the office, so they plot to "kill" him. Boss overhears and turns them in. Just as Dilbert is about to be put away for life, Wally impersonates Todd and saves the day. They all have a party to praise Todd and his contribution to the office.



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