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Driven by the need for a new plaque to cover up a dead fly stain on his wall, the Boss has volunteered to chair the "Associated Way" charity drive. Of course he has no intention of doing this himself and appoints Wally as charity coordinator. Participation is strictly voluntary, but the t-shirt you are given upon donation emblazoned with "I Get To Keep My Job" is just added incentive. Everyone has gotten into the charity mode (the collecting of it, that is) - including Dogbert who has formed his own personal charity, "Canine Apathy." (Meanwhile, the Boss has asked Dilbert to pick up the plaque at the charity banquet and his speech hits a nerve when he asks the simple question "just where does your money go?" And, in a strange twist of fate, Dilbert must perform an act of charity on the Boss - and it doesn't even cost him anything).



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